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because the internet always needs more icon journals.

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te·ra·zi [tey-rah-zee], n. A spell from the Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga video games that inflicts moderate earth-type damage on a single target. Also an icon journal maintained by hezul.
why terazi?
I figured when I reached the point where looking at the old stuff in my icon journal made me wince and go "why did I do that?", it might be time to relocate and give myself a ~*~fresh start~*~ or whatever. As for the name, well. I have a tremendous girly crush on Argilla I felt like it. :Db

okay, so if it's terazi, why's serph in the community default?
Because Serph's easier to icon. :|

it won't let me join the community! :(
That's because you're not supposed to -- it's closed, so I'll be the only member. I don't lock icon posts, though, so if you want to keep an eye on things here, all you need to do is friend the community without joining it!

where do you get your brushes/textures/whatever?
I have a list of resources here; if you want more specific information on what went into a specific icon, you're welcome to ask, but I may or may not remember what I used well enough to answer.

policy on crediting/commenting?
Comments make me happy. I'm not the best at this, but if you let me know what you liked in a given batch, it helps me know when I'm doing things right. Credit is nice, but I'm not psychic enough to magically intuit when somebody is using my stuff without credit, and I'm far too lazy to actually bother people about it. So yeah, if you don't, I doubt I'll catch you. But regardless, I'd appreciate it if you weren't a dick about it, y'know?
There might be something here later. WHO KNOWS.
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